Anywhere slider plugin allows to customize different pictures to be shown on specific different widget-zones
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Picture of Anywhere Slider Nop-4.4
Anywhere Slider Nop-4.4


Live Demo
Picture of Anywhere Slider Nop-4.4 - Source Code
Anywhere Slider Nop-4.4 - Source Code


Live Demo


1. It supports DefaultClean themes. A custom CSS class name can be set to be applied on a carousel if needed
2. A display order which will be effective if there are multiple slider on the same widget-zone.
3. It supports views and styles are open for modification.
4. It will support all the browsers.
5. The sliders should slide automatically.
6. The sliding direction. By default, it is set to left-to-right but can be configured to be right-to-left.
7. The slider icon can be hidden.
8. It will make the home page more attractive.

So far we can say this is a nopCommerce plugin which displays the banner in the category page. It will make the category page more attractive.


  1. Download and upload Anywhere Slider build zip file from admin panel.
  2. Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station Anywhere Slider' Plugin.