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Mega Menu

Mega Menu

From $4.99
Product Picture Zoom

Product Picture Zoom plugin will help your store user to view Zoom in the detail page.

From $4.99
Quick View

Quick view plugin which displays product details in the popup window on the same page. It is very useful as customers don't need to navigate to the product page to see every product detail.

From $4.90
Add Product Video or Audio

Showing Product Video in Product Details Page with product images. And increase sale !!!

From $0.00
FlipBook (Magazine)

Flipbook is a digital magazine for your site. You can show a list of products or scanned pictures of your website magazine. It is a digital way to provide the reader with in-depth and concise information, in a portable and readable format about your products. From this flipbook customer can buy the product directly. This plugin can be used for campaigning, showcasing trendy products and customers get more depth information about the products.

From $49.00

A nop commerce plugin for showing best seller, new products and home page products in tabs.

NopCommerce Amazon S3 and CDN Integration

Store nopCommerce images into Amazon S3 cloud and integrate CDM (CloudFlare, Cloud Front etc).

From $99.00
Progressive Web App (PWA)

This plugin is used for push notification. Customer, Admin and Vendor will get notification when customer press order or any function work. This plugin supports the home page save option when a customer browse your website and also mobile.

Power Bi with NopCommerce

This plugin allows store owner to connect database to Microsoft Power BI account.

From $149.00
Multiple Tax

This plugin supports PST, GST, HST separate taxes for specific country/state/zip. It adds two or three-level taxes in default nopcommerce. Taxes can be applied to products, shipping rates, payment method additional fees. Store owner can use the same tax amount(Percentage) for the different state for the same tax category.

From $75.00
Facebook Messenger

This plugin connects the facebook page messenger at your store.

From $8.00
Algolia Search Integration

This plugin allows store owner to enable algolia search on public product search.

From $99.00
Stripe Payment with Gateway - 4.1

Pay through stripe payment gateway.


It will show products by category in different way.Admin(Store owner) can manage this plugin very easily.Admin can define category(priority wise),Subcategory(priority wise),Product(priority wise), color,arrangement,etc of public page. By this plugin store owner can redefine his/her home page or other pages.Store owner can show his/her most important and valuable products to the customers easily.Customer will also be helped by this plugin because customer will get his/her desired product easily.

From $0.00

By the plugin store owner can shipping orders via shipstation.

From $9.90
Live Notification

Live Notification plugin will help your store user to view the recently ordered product by live toast notifiaction.

From $0.00
Facebook pixel

Tracking Facebook pixel Script code

From $0.00
LiveChat NopPlugin

Message Your Visitors in Real Time. is a free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page.

From $0.00