This plugin allows customer to create ticket against orders, products and others.
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The Help Desk Plugin provides a fast and comfortable way to serve customers of an online store. Sometimes customers face problems after ordering a product. By this plugin customers can create tickets for any order with different criteria and communicate with the back office to resolve it. Also the back office can support them too.


  • 1. Manage tickets from the public store (My tickets page) and also from the admin area (staff and admin).
  • 2. Create as many departments as you need, e.g - support, sales, etc. Each department has its own email address.
  • 3. Specify whether an attribute to be required to create a ticket and responses to be filterable only by staff or customer.
  • 4. Create as many staffs as you need and can add default staff.
  • 5. Category wise ticket can be created e.g - OrderId, ProductId
  • 6. Can set priority and status with a default value or can be set while ticket creating
  • 7. Customers can send replies and responses can be sent from the admin area.

Working with Help Desk Plugin is very easy by setting up some configuration settings of the plugin. Firstly you need the NopStation.Core plugin to be installed and then help desk ticket plugin.

Please read the following steps for more information on how to configure the Help Desk Plugin.


  • Download and upload Helpdesk  build zip file from admin panel.
  • Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station Helpdesk' Plugin.



These setting can be found at Nop Station-> Plugins -> Help desk -> Configuration


From settings,

  • 1. Allow customer to set priority – This option allows a customer to set priority while creating a ticket.
  • 2. Default ticket priority – Specify the default priority of the tickets.
  • 3. Allow customer to upload attachment in ticket – Enabling or disabling file attachment while creating a ticket from the customer end.
  • 4. Allow customer to upload attachment in response – Enabling or disabling file attachment while replying to a ticket from the customer end.
  • 5. Enable ticket department – Enabling this option allows a customer to set a department while creating a ticket.
  • 6. Ticket department required – Make ticket department as required or not-required field while creating a ticket from customer end.
  • 7. Default ticket department – Specify which department will be assigned for resolving customer tickets.
  • 8. Enable ticket category – Enabling this option allows a customer to set category of type while creating a ticket.
  • 9. Ticket category required – Make ticket category as required or not-required field while creating a ticket from customer end.
  • 10. Default ticket category – Specify which category will be selected for default ticket category.
  • 11. Show menu in customer navigation - Enabling this option customers can access the help desk ticket menu from the public store.
  • 12. Navigation widget zone – Default area where customers can see the option for accessing their tickets from the public store with help desk plugin.
  • 13. Allow customer to create ticket from order page - This option allows a customer to create a ticket from the order details page.
  • 14. Order page widget zone – Specify default zone where Create ticket option can be seen in order details page


The Nop Station-> Plugins -> Help desk -> Tickets option, contains list of Tickets. Here tickets are found with category, priority and status.


You can create a ticket on behalf of a customer from the admin area. In order to create a new ticket click on the Add new to create.


There are multiple fields for creating tickets with Customer information, Order ID, Product ID as well as different parameters. Also there is an option for attachment both url and direct file upload for the ticket.


From the Edit button in the ticket list, you can update the existing ticket with all necessary information.


Also in the response area ticket’s responses have been found and can be created which may or may not be shown on customer end. It comes with a list view.



The Departments contains a list of departments.


You can create as many departments as you want. In order to create a new department go to Nop Station-> Plugins -> Help desk -> Departments. Click on the Add new ticket department button.


There are options for creating Staff as well as editing a Staff.

  • 1. Name - This is the name of the ticket priority and is a required field.
  • 2. Email - The email account from which the staff use for email.
  • 3. Display order - The display order of the priority. 1 represents the first item in the list.


This plugin is integrated as a widget in the MyAccount navigation menu. It provides an option for help desk My Tickets menu. This option is described below.


Here customers can see the ticket/s tables which are created at different times with status. From this table customers can view the ticket details information and also create ticket options from here.



To create a ticket, customers need to provide some general information including name, email, phone number and these are required. Also there are other fields which are Subject - the subject of the ticket. It is required. Body - the enquiry of a customer should be written in body. It is required. Category – The customers have to choose the category type such as product, order or others if it is enabled, so that it will be handled in that category.

Product: The product Id on which the customer wants to create the ticket.

Order: The order Id on which the customer wants to create the ticket.

Department - the customers can set the department if it is enabled, on which department will handle the request. The ticket will be processed by the department's staff.

Attachment: File Attachment is optional here. Customer can upload an attachment as he wants.


Here customers can find the detailed information about the ticket with Created Date and Status. Customers can download the attachment.


From the responses table, customers can get all the replies by self and also from the back office in a tabular format. Customers can download the attachment from the table.


Also, customers can send ticket responses which will be sent to the back office to communicate. Here customers find a response and attachment option to create a reply.


In the order details page, customers can get an option to create a new ticket. From this button the customer can redirect to the ticket creation page. This button zone area can be configured from the admin area.