OCarousels plugin allows to customize different carousels to be shown on different widget-zones
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Picture of OCarousels Plugin Nop-4.4
OCarousels Plugin Nop-4.4


Live Demo
Picture of OCarousels Plugin Nop-4.4 - Source Code
OCarousels Plugin Nop-4.4 - Source Code


Live Demo

1. It supports DefaultClean themes. A custom CSS class name can be set to be applied on a carousel if needed
2. A display order which will be effective if there are multiple carousels on the same widget-zone.
3. It supports views and styles are open for modification.
4. It will support all the browsers.
5. The carousels should slide automatically.
6. The number of items to be shown at a time.
7. The sliding direction. By default, it is set to left-to-right but can be configured to be right-to-left.
8. It will make the home page more attractive.


  1. Download and upload OCarousels build zip file from admin panel.
  2. Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station OCarousels' Plugin.