Quick View

Quick View


Short description Quick view plugin which displays product details in the popup window on the same page. It is very useful as customers don't need to navigate to the product page to see every product detail.


 1. It's an open Open Source plugin.
 2. It supports multi-store.
 3. It supports Widget Support.
 4. It supports the Ajax.
 5. It supports views and styles are open for modification.
 6. It supports documentation attached with extension.
 7. It supports fetch related products in quick view.
 8. It supports fetch also purchased products in quick view.
 9. It supports enlarging product pictures on hover.
 10. It will support all the browsers which are supported by Twitter Bootstrap.
 11. Mostly suitable for 'E-Shopper Bootstrap theme (Free)' and other bootstrap theme.
 12. Twitter Bootstrap-3.2 for the NopCommerce community and it will be open source.
 13. Plugin which displays product details in the popup window.
 14. Enlarging product picture on Hover.
 15. It's a free plugin.
 16. Easy to set up.



  • Download Extension and extract file.
  • Copy 'NopStation.QuickView' folder and paste to '~/Plugins/' folder.
  • Reload the 'list of plugins' in Admin panel and Install 'Quick View' Plugin
  • Activate the plugin with 'Edit' option
  • Go to Plugins -> Quick View -> Settings and set 'Enable QuickView Widget' and 'Button Container Class'
  • Save and Enjoy


Create Custom Design and Views

  • Goto Presentation -> Now.Web -> Plugins -> NopStation.QuickView -> Content ->Styles.css
  • Open and edit in any css editor to change the styles or designs
Picture of Quick View Nop-4.2
Quick View Nop-4.2